Wild Republic

Wild Republic

Latest: Episode 8: Neustart (Air Date: 5/6/2021)
In the midst of the impassable landscape at the foot of the Alps, a young group of serious offenders is undergoing an experiential educational program intended to rehabilitate them. All of a sudden, a member of the program dies a violent death. Nobody knows exactly what happened, and the youths face a difficult decision. Should they wait for the authorities to recover the body and investigate the crime? Or, escape and take their fate into their own hands? The group doesn't have much in common with each other, though one thing unites them; all of them have had really bad experiences with the authorities and dont expect to be treated fairly. Since they don't know who the perpetrator is, they only have one option: to run. Up the mountains, up the highest peaks of the Alps. It seems hopeless until they stumble onto a complex cave system where they can find shelter from wind, weather, and their pursuers.
Premiere Date: April 15, 2021
Casts: Verena Altenberger, Emma Drogunova, Merlin Rose, Maria Dragus, Béla Gábor Lenz, Rouven Israel, Aaron Altaras, Camille Dombrowsky, Luna Jordan, Anand Batbileg Chuluunbataar
Air Time: 12:00 pm
Country: DE
Air Day: Thursday

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