Americas Supernanny

Americas Supernanny

Latest: Season 2, Episode 7: (Air Date: 3/13/2013)
America’s Supernanny, Deborah Tillman, visits the homes of parents throughout the U.S. who are seeking guidance and assistance on how to best raise their children. Diving straight into the chaos and heart of the matter, she gives viewers an all-access look at troubled households by closely observing each family dynamic to pinpoint their complicated problems – ranging from disciplinary problems, separation anxiety and picky eating to poor bedtime routines, clinging on mom or dad, spoiled kids and attention deficit disorder – and follow through to resolve their issues to put families on the road to happiness. Tillman is a Virginia-based wife, mother and author, who boasts more than 19 years experience in early childhood education, working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school students. After an exhaustive search, she was chosen among a pool of over 400 candidates to find the country’s best homegrown nanny. Tillman owns several children learning centers in the Old Dominion state and wowed producers with her charisma, firm but loving philosophy to caring for children and natural ability to connect and work with families experiencing relationship problems.
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