Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone


When zombies go on a rampage, terrorizing a town, the residents are determined to take down the undead before it's too late in this indie flick.

Release Date Aug 15, 2023
Casts Jackey Neyman Jones, Tiffany Beall, Kirk Sardonis, Rob Merickel, Richard Johnson, Josh Dent, Donna Rooney, Tonjia Atomic, Connor Sherlock, Bob Olin, Roxxy Mountains, Dez Rona, Mark Jones, Cassidy David, Enrique, V. Simone Stewart, Dale Streble, Melissa Heflin, Sarah Orschel, Ben Parker, Grayson Merickel, Spicy Nibbles, Louise Fenway, Lancelot Lane, Madam Mim, Dale Wilson, Joe Sherlock,
Director Joe Sherlock,
Writer Joe Sherlock, Tim Davis, John Oak Dalton, David Hayes,
Genre Horror,