Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon


Surviving the plane crash was only the beginning ... After their plane crashes into uncharted territory in the Himalayas, the survivors set out to find help in the freezing cold. As the days pass and with no sign of a rescue, tensions begin to mount. The survivors wrestle with their consciences as they realise that in order to survive, they must use the bodies of the dead as food. But when it appears that something else is already feeding upon the dead, the survivors realise that their biggest danger is not hunger but something infinitely more sinister: a legendary Yeti is stalking them and is moving in for the kill. Can they outsmart the beast or will they die trying?

Release Date Nov 08, 2008
Casts Crystal Lowe, Carly Pope, Ona Grauer, Ed Marinaro, Marc Menard, Adam O'Byrne, Kris Pope, Brandon Jay McLaren, Elfina Luk, Christian Tessier, Taras Kostyuk, Peter DeLuise, Viv Leacock, Josh Emerson, Sean Bell, Jacob Rivera, Aaron Pearl, Paul Jarrett,
Director Paul Ziller,
Genre Horror, Action, Adventure,