When Everything's Gone


"When Everything's Gone" is a post-apocalyptic drama about a man named Rory (Alex Alessi), who has survived a devastating plague by hiding out in solitude for over a year only to be haunted by the loss of his brother Chris (Gabriel Rush). The film follows Rory as he ventures out into the barren and desolate world where he befriends a man named Casper (Alex Emanuel) and his daughter, Rosie (Catherine Blades). Together, they confront the horrors of their pasts, and embark on an important journey to find more survivors and rediscover the hope they all desperately need to continue on. When everything's gone, a future must be forged.

Release Date Mar 19, 2021
Casts Alex Emanuel, Catherine Blades, Alex Alessi, Gabriel Rush, Bryan DeSanto, Cole Gabrielsen, Austin Gelfman, Sandra Gumuzzio, Matthew LaBenz, Kenney Myers, Logan Smith, Ilene Sullivan,
Director Jeff Stewart, Alex Alessi,
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller,