The Unspoken Truth


Despite her parents' misgivings, Brianne (Lea Thompson) marries Clay (James Marshall), and the couple soon have a daughter. It's then that Clay begins to show the first signs that he's unhinged. When he sees Brianne innocently talking to a man, Clay shoots him dead. At first, Brianne believes that her love for her husband can prevail. But when authorities threaten to take away custody of her daughter, she learns a horrible truth about her past.

Release Date Sep 24, 1995
Casts Lea Thompson, Robert Englund, Patricia Kalember, Dick O'Neill, Karis Paige Bryant, James Marshall, Gail Cronauer, Ramsey Williams, Mona Lee Fultz, Tony Frank, Marina Palmier, Gary Carter, Derek Cecil, Norman Bennett, Myrna Cabello, Lou Perryman, Jeanne Evans, Jill Parker-Jones, Guich Koock, Mark Walters,
Director Peter Werner,
Genre Crime, Drama, TV Movie,