The Mannequin Man


When a fellow student casts a dark spell using black magic, he unleashes something evil that goes on to terrorize the city’s residents … slowly society begins to fall apart as the Mannequin Curse spreads rapidly. It is up to a group of kids to unravel the mysterious phenomenon and figure out a way to stop it.

Release Date May 01, 2022
Casts Kyle Godfrey, Jana Sosic, Keanu Bertrand, Julian Dipaola, Leah Latino, Alexis Ricordi, Arjun Sanghera, Ariel Coviello, Kameron Marshall, Mark Ricci, Andreas Eskander, Karin Filipcic, Jenny Godfrey, Andrew Godfrey, Stevie Gluftsis, Maxwell Stoton, Alice Da Costa, Mon Machado, Fernando Da Costa, Rebecca Tandon, Manny Costa, Ivan Sosic, Edgar Allen Dela Cruz, Peter Zabolotnikov,
Director Kyle Godfrey,
Genre Horror, Thriller,