The Big Boss


Cheng is a young Chinese mainlander who moves in with his expatriate cousins to work at an ice factory in Thailand. He does this with a family promise never to get involved in any fights. However, when members of his family begin disappearing after meeting the management of the factory, the resulting mystery and pressures force him to break that vow and take on the villainy of the Big Boss.

Release Date Oct 03, 1971
Casts Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien Chuen, Marilyn Bautista, Han Ying-Chieh, Tony Liu, Kun Li, Nora Miao, Kam Shan, Chih Chen, Li Hua-Sze, Billy Chan, Lam Ching-Ying, Chia-Chen Tu, Peter Chan Lung, Stephen Chang, Peter Chan Lung, Shan Chin,
Director Lo Wei,
Writer Lo Wei (Screenplay),
Genre Action,