The Angels: Kickin' Down The Door


The Angels came hurtling out of Adelaide in the 1970s with the searing guitar sound of the Brewster brothers and Doc Neeson, a frontman who was beyond intense. Their songs remain etched in the DNA of this city: Am I Ever Goin’ to See Your Face Again, Take a Long Line, No Secrets. They worked their way up, developing an unmistakably unique musical style. By 1978 they were a behemoth of the local rock scene and on the path to international success… until they just missed their chance. Yet they still revolutionised the Aussie music scene transforming it from pretty pop to gritty guitar rock featuring ferocious and theatrical live shows. Adelaide director Maddie Parry (Hannah Gadsby: Nanette) has made a surprisingly intimate documentary, with band members’ home videos and never-before-seen photos, exploring the internal tensions that strained relationships to breaking point, even while producing incandescent rock’n’roll. - AFF

Release Date Dec 01, 2022
Casts Bernard Neeson, John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Graham Bidstrup, Sam Brewster, Dave Gleeson, Nick Norton,
Director Madeleine Parry,
Genre Documentary, Music,