T Blockers


When ancient parasites rise from beneath a small town, taking the most fearful and susceptible as hosts, a young trans filmmaker finds herself the only one who can sense the possessed, and rally the resistance before the horror escapes and spreads.

Release Date Apr 28, 2023
Casts Lauren Last, Lewi Dawson, Toshiro Glenn, Lisa Fanto, Stanley Browning, Thai Hoa Steven Nguyen, Joe Romeo, Chris Asimos, Brendan Cooney, James McCluskey-Garcia, Etcetera Etcetera, Artemis Bishop, Iris Mcerlean, Calliope Jackson, Cheryl Louise, Cassie Workman, Joni Ayton-Kent, Adrian Crawford, Edward Owens, Eddie Sims, David Daradan, CeeJay Singh, Patty Glavieux, Dylan Warren, Jackson Saunders, Vincent Donato, Patrick Sharkey, Sam McKenna, Phi Trinh, Xai, Tumelo Nthupi, Caiden Crafts, Sharifin She Salah, Tom Crispin Tassone, Oscar Michalak, Jessica Burgess, Erin Paterson, Kristen Tormay, Connor Patterson, Millah Hansberry, Rae Mcallister,
Director Alice Maio Mackay,
Writer Alice Maio Mackay (Screenplay), Ben Pahl Robinson (Screenplay),
Genre Horror, Science Fiction,