Stress Positions


Terry Goon is keeping strict quarantine in his ex-husband’s Brooklyn brownstone while caring for his nephew — a 19-year-old model from Morocco named Bahlul — bedridden in a full leg cast after an electric scooter accident. Unfortunately for Terry, everyone in his life wants to meet the model.

Release Date Apr 19, 2024
Casts John Early, Qaher Harhash, Theda Hammel, Amy Zimmer, Faheem Ali, John Roberts, Elizabeth Dement, Rebecca F. Wright, Tarek Ziad, Davidson Obennebo, Gordon Landenberger, Elias Abawi, Felipe Di Poi, Joe Van O, Macy Rodman, Louisa Judge,
Director Theda Hammel,
Writer Theda Hammel (Screenplay), Faheem Ali, Theda Hammel (Story),
Genre Comedy,