Strangers in the House


Loursat, a lawyer, lives with his daughter Nicole in a sinister and vast bourgeois residence. Abandoned for nearly twenty years by his wife, the brilliant lawyer has sunk into alcoholism and his relationship with his daughter is virtually non-existent. However, one day the corpse of a stranger is discovered in the residence of Loursat. Nicole, who frequents a gang of young people who escape boredom by stealing cars and other objects, is immediately suspected.

Release Date May 16, 1942
Casts Raimu, Juliette Faber, Gabrielle Fontan, Héléna Manson, Tania Fédor, Marguerite Ducouret, Jean Tissier, Jacques Baumer, Noël Roquevert, André Reybaz, Jacques Grétillat, Lucien Coëdel, Marc Doelnitz, Jacques Denoël, Pierre Ringel, Marcel Mouloudji, Raymond Cordy, Paul Barge, Lucien Bryonne, Martine Carol, Jacques Courtin, Raymond Dardelin, Henri de Livry, Max Delty, Arthur Devère, Lise Donat, Paul Faivre, Fernand Flament, Pierre Fresnay, Georges Gosset, Daniel Gélin, Langlois, Marcel Lestan, Yette Lucas, Franck Maurice, Bernard Noël, Jean Négroni, Claire Olivier, Max Revor, Henri Roy, Maurice Salabert, Yvonne Scheffer, Simone Sylvestre, Génia Vaury, Charles Vissières,
Director Henri Decoin,
Writer Henri-Georges Clouzot (Screenplay), Georges Simenon (Novel),
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery,