Starting Out in the Evening


Leonard Schiller once counted among New York's literary lions, but illness and ten years of writer's block have lowered his profile, almost to the point of obscurity. When Heather Wolfe, an ambitious literature major, asks to interview him for her thesis on his work, her interest forces him to address the issues that he has avoided all these years, and stirs in him feelings he has long forgotten, much to his daughter's consternation.

Release Date Nov 23, 2007
Casts Frank Langella, Lauren Ambrose, Patti Perkins, Adrian Lester, Lili Taylor, Dennis Parlato, Jeff McCarthy, Michael Cumpsty, Jessica Hecht, Karl Bury, Sean T. Krishnan, Thomas Ryan, Anitha Gandhi, Joie Lee, John C. Havens, Ali Reza, Jerry Walsh, Joel West,
Director Andrew Wagner,
Writer Andrew Wagner (Screenplay), Fred Parnes (Screenplay),
Genre Drama,