Sappy Holiday


When a hard-working but uninspired sous chef accidentally discovers her boyfriend is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve, she begins doubting their future together; especially when a handsome maple farmer rescues her from a snowstorm.

Release Date Dec 17, 2022
Casts Vanessa Sears, Jon McLaren, Brigitte Kingsley, Chelsea Muirhead, Leo Choy, Rebecca LaMarche, Susan Hamann, Troy Blundell, Colton Royce, Neil Whitely, Allison Feliciano, Joseph Daly, Dan Karpenchuk, Derwin Phillips, Ariella Cannon, Scout Flint, Ari Pollack, Liam Tobin, Diane L. Johnston,
Director Andrew Cymek,
Writer Lisa Hepner,
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance,