Riddle of Fire


Three mischievous children embark on an odyssey when their mother asks them to run an errand. On the hunt to obtain her favorite blueberry pie, the children are kidnapped by poachers, battle a witch, outwit a huntsman, befriend a fairy, and bond together to become best friends forever.

Release Date Mar 21, 2024
Casts Lio Tipton, Charles Halford, Weston Razooli, Charlie Stover, Danielle Hoetmer, Lorelei Olivia Mote, Lonzo Liggins, Sohrab Mirmont, Phoebe Ferro, Kent Richards, Skyler Peters, Andrea Browne, Roisin Browne, Colleen Baum, Chuck Marra,
Director Weston Razooli,
Writer Weston Razooli,
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy,