Peter Five Eight


Sam, a seemingly poised and glamorous real estate agent in a small mountain community, is revealed to be an unhinged and troubled alcoholic with a dark secret, when a charismatic man named Peter shows up in town one day. As she tries to keep her life from unravelling, an older co-worker named Brenda is targeted by Peter for information at the behest of his powerful and shadowy boss, Mr. Lock.

Release Date Mar 22, 2024
Casts Kevin Spacey, Jet Jandreau, Rebecca De Mornay, Jake Weber, Michael Emery, Garrett Smith, Dale Dobson, John Otrin, Kelley Poling, Michele Farbman, Elizabeth Harnett, Tom McElroy, Suzanne Petri, Michael Chinn, Erika Keck, Nicholas Fabrio, Sophia De Mornay-O'Neal, Jack Trout, Marguerite Beebe, Anna Sinreich, Cliff Flowers, Jason Mac, Bella Altamura, Christopher Cates,
Director Michael Zaiko Hall,
Writer Michael Zaiko Hall (Screenplay), Oliver Caspersen,
Genre Thriller, Comedy, Drama,