From legendary director, Jim Wynorski comes his latest feature involving killer robots and damsels in distress. When a sentient female robot goes on a berserk killing spree, a group of young people fight for their lives while the mad scientists who created her try to stop the slaughter!

Release Date Mar 31, 2023
Casts Dare Taylor, Walker Mintz, Lauren Parkinson, Ryan Rathbun, Eli Cirino, Sydney Thackray, Becky LeBeau, Lisa London, Gail Harris, Melissa Brasselle, Rib Hillis, Janelle Delabar, Michael Gaglio, August Kyss, Todd Senofonte, Troy Fromin,
Director Jim Wynorski,
Writer Kent Roudebush, Jim Wynorski (Story),
Genre Horror, Science Fiction,