Love By Design


Broken-hearted, out-of-work Brooke Yeardley makes her 30th birthday wish on the vision board she made as a hopeful teen. Miraculously her wishes start coming true - from launching her own design business to meeting the man on her vision board - but while life has a way of working out, Brooke learns that it doesn't always work out the way that you expect.

Release Date Sep 07, 2023
Casts Jackie Moore, Jack Pearson, Joey Lawrence, Eric Roberts, Dee Wallace, Aria Surrec, Felisha Cooper, Anna Harr, Lilian Wouters, Natalya Nikolaeva, Laura Dority, Carl Chao, David Eugene Sweat, Michael Gier, Logan Roberts, David Sweetman, Sunéssis de Brito,
Director Jared Cohn,
Writer Naomi L. Selfman,
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance,