Hearts in the Game


Hazel Miller is a top publicist in New York City looking to build her empire. Diego Vasquez is a top MLB pitcher for the New York Mets who froze during Game 7 of the World Series. He also happens to be the guy who shattered Hazel’s heart in high school. When Hazel is tasked with spinning Diego's image, it might be her biggest challenge professionally, and personally, as she takes him back to their hometown in Ohio to deal with what they’ve both left behind.

Release Date Apr 29, 2023
Casts Erin Cahill, Marco Grazzini, Sarah Smyth, Todd Thomson, Jason Fernandes, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Bethany Brown, Jason McKinnon, Donia Kash, Darcy Laurie, Rob Morton, Jason Schombing, Kathleen Duborg, Mia Shanks, Opal Elliot, Arpad Balogh, Adrián Hoz, Spencer Graham,
Director Stacey N. Harding,
Writer Shelby Blake Bartelstein,
Genre TV Movie, Comedy, Romance,