Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers


It's July 1895 and the New York elite have decamped to Newport, Rhode Island for a summer of balls, garden parties, and yacht races. Covering these events for the women's pages of the Newport Observer is Emma Vanderbilt-Cross, a fearless twenty-one-year-old writer with family ties to the wealthy Vanderbilt family.

Release Date Feb 02, 2024
Casts Alissa Skovbye, Danny Griffin, Nathan Witte, James Drew Dean, Gillian Barber, Amira Anderson, Cesare Scarpone, Katherine Evans, Mark Humphrey, Sebastian Greaves, Ava Telek, April Telek, John Prowse, Geoff Gustafson, David Beairsto, Aisling Goodman, Madeleine Kelders,
Director Terry Ingram,
Writer Keri Ferencz,
Genre TV Movie, Drama, Mystery,