Gacy: Serial Killer Next Door


A teenager's life in a quiet suburb changes drastically when John Wayne Gacy, a famed serial killer, becomes his neighbor. His curiosity leads to dark secrets and a frightening journey from innocence to a dire clash with evil.

Release Date Jan 30, 2024
Casts Mason McNulty, Brock Burnett, Caia Coley, Mike Korich, Gordon Hinchen, Shelby Janes, Nick Stellate, Michael Boutell, Izabellah Diez, Lilo Baier, Ashley Ray Keefe, Angelina Divine, Ryker Baloun, Kirby Ellwood, John Omohundro, Lawrence Humphreys, Shawn Tira, Wesley Claggett, Nathan Kendall, Jon Heus,
Director Michael Feifer,
Writer Michael Feifer,
Genre Horror, Thriller,