Easter Bloody Easter


A woman must protect her small town from the Jackalope (based on the mythical rabbit-antelope creature of North American folklore) and his army of devilish bunnies as they embark on a murder spree over the Easter weekend.

Release Date Mar 26, 2024
Casts Diane Foster, Kelly Grant, Allison Lobel, Zuri Starks, D'Andre Noiré, Zach Kanner, Miles Cooper, Gavin Lee, Jamie B. Cline, Adam Slemon, Caitlin Oden, Faye Viviana, Jackson Guitterrez, Richard Rivera, Ronnie Prouty, Liana Montemayor, Reed Foster, Reed Foster, Venice Wong, Alexander Wong, Harrison Wong, Mason Wong, Nathan Pratt, Zach DuFault, Levi Austin Morris, Bam Hall, Mark Vogel, Kayla Robinson, Taryn Leggett, Brenna Larsen, Ariel Barber, Mandie Hittleman, Juno, William Morabito, Dan Lesser, Emily Carpenter, Diana Lobel, Rachel Verbeek, Heather Shoemaker, Jacob Hyman, Anthony Mastrocola, Emily Browning, Justin Wotring, Lena Pham, Joel Coryell, Yana Nunn, Gregory Nunn Jr., Luke Wotring, Emma Wotring, Stevie Notes, Claire Cunningham, Latavius Mulzac,
Director Diane Foster,
Writer Allison Lobel,
Genre Horror, Comedy,