Don't Sell My Baby


High school senior, Nicolette, has bounced around from foster home to home. When she finds herself pregnant by the school quarterback, she quickly falls into despair until her sympathetic teacher, Sandy, takes Nicolette under her wing. But, when Nicolette disappears after deciding against the idea of putting her baby up for adoption, Sandy begins to worry that the soon-to-be teen mom may have been taken against her will.

Release Date
Casts Maia Jae Bastidas, Kelly Hope Taylor, Devin Cecchetto, Fallon Bowman, Krista Marchand, Frank Fiola, Kyle Meagher, Tonjha Richardson, Lauren Saarimaki, Thomas Vallières, Christian Paul, Gabriel Davenport, May Dib, Emma Fiorante, Suzanna Lenir,
Director Roxanne Boisvert,
Writer Michael Perronne,
Genre TV Movie, Thriller,