Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown


Camp Blood is under new ownership as the updated "Camp Blackwood". Locals hope to bury the infamous clown killer's past, and release the victims from their torment. But when a pastor with ties to the previous grounds takes his church group out to make contact with restless spirits, wrath is all they are doomed to find. The clown killer is back, and this time he has an enemy of equal evil. His former cult followers have turned, as well as a vengeful witch, who will stop at nothing to see these titans of terror collide, and destroy anyone in their path.

Release Date Feb 27, 2023
Casts Natalie Peri, Julie Anne Prescott, Niko El Santo Zavero, Will Collazo Jr., Heather Harlow, Melissa Heflin, Erica Dyer, Tina Krause, Clint Beaver, Kyle Rappaport, Jennie Russo, George Stover, Jamie Morgan, Warren Dean Fulton, Rouge Rose, Marvin Maddicks Jr., Steven Haar, Rudy Ledbetter, David Perry, Christopher Korek, Tim Hatch, Ronnie Nanos, Heather Rotten, Edward Haynes Jr., Noellie Burger, Thomas Antalek, Les Nolan, Kellen DeRuy, Thomas J. O'Brien, Steven Kiseleski, Eric Norcross, Jen Elyse Feldy, Brett Clark, Matt Skinner, John Ward, Josh Kelley, HB Gibson, Paul Tucker, Forrest Bennett, Mark Flemmich, Bill Dawson, Rachel Max, Brannan Durham, Jeffery Woods, Andy J. Davis, Charlie Skinner-Cheverie, Mark C. Fullhardt, Shawn Ness, Dan Romano, Valerie Strong, James Janso, Bobby F. Murphy, Francis Erdman, Stephen Bloodworth, John Henderson, Cody Tudor, Marc Chindemi, Mike Redman, Shannon Hall,
Director Will Collazo Jr.,
Writer Julie Anne Prescott,
Genre Horror,