Before I Change My Mind


While the other students wonder if new kid Robin is a boy or a girl, Robin forges a complicated bond with the school bully, making increasingly dangerous choices to fit in.

Release Date Nov 12, 2022
Casts Vaughan Murrae, Dominic Lippa, Lacey Oake, Matthew Rankin, Shannon Blanchet, Rohan Khare, Jhztyn Contado, Milana Bochinski, Kaitlyn Haugen, Kristin Johnston, Trevor Anderson, Heather Noel, Etta George House, Andrea House, Ethan Nasr, Joshua Carter, Onika Henry, Desiree Burkett, Melissa Thingelstad, Katrina Beatty, Chris Bullough, Katharine Zaborsky, Qrtny Contado, Alyson Richards, Fish Griwkowsky, Natasha Anderson, Savannah Watson,
Director Trevor Anderson,
Writer Trevor Anderson, Fish Griwkowsky,
Genre Drama, Comedy,