The Athos peninsula in Greece is one of Europe's last secrets. Over 2000 monks live on Athos - cut off from the outside world. Access is denied to women, tourists are not welcome. Only workers and pilgrims can obtain a visa. The "Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain" attracts people who feel like they are missing something from their modern lives. With the help of three Athos monks, "Athos - A Taste of Heaven" tells the story of the island and its inhabitants in a unique filmed diary style. The film's guiding theme is the path we as people have to find and follow - each and everyone for themselves. "First we must heal our own souls, only then we can help others", is one of Father Galaktions core messages. He lives as a hermit on the holy mountain. Not all monks, however, live as secluded and demure as Father Galaktion. The film team is also received by Father Epiphanios - a gifted and poetic cook who certainly does not disdain the pleasures of life.

Release Date Jun 23, 2016
Casts Father Akakios, Father Alypios, Father Avakum, Father Epiphanios, Father Philoumenos, Father Galaktion, Father Grigorios, Father Josef, Father Loukianos, Father Philimon,
Director Peter Bardehle, Andreas Martin,
Writer Andreas Martin, Peter Bardehle,
Genre Documentary,