An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th


This documentary looks at the surge in political violence through the story of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, showing the roots of anti-government sentiment and its reverberations today, along with the emotionally charged warnings of those who suffered tragic losses in the deadliest homegrown attack in U.S. history.

Release Date Apr 16, 2024
Casts Bill Clinton, Nancy Shaw, Mike Boettcher, Bob Sands, Daniel Coss, Danny Coulson, Michael Liwicki, Bob Ricks, Kerry Noble, Mollie McDermott, Stuart Wright, Jeffrey Toobin, Lou Michel, Dan Herbeck, Kathleen Belew, Stephen Jones, Asa Hutchinson, Aitan Goelman, Beth Wilkinson, Clark Brewster, Steven Snyder, Richard Reyna, Kathy Sanders, Marsha Kimble, LaDonna Battle-Leverett, Bud Welch,
Director Marc Levin,
Genre Documentary,