Accidental Texan


Erwin blows his first acting job and finds himself stranded in Texas, where he's taken under the wing of a nearly bankrupt oil driller Merle and his cohort Faye. The three set off on a wild adventure to outwit the bank and a corrupt oil company to hit pay dirt before Merle's dreams are foreclosed.

Release Date Mar 08, 2024
Casts Rudy Pankow, Thomas Haden Church, Carrie-Anne Moss, Bruce Dern, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Brad Leland, AnnaClare Hicks, Jennifer Griffin, Sarah J. Bartholomew, Elizabeth Maxwell, Jake Ryan, Luis Olmeda, Vivi Thai, Jordan Jones, Coy Sevier, Brian Villalobos, Kasey Bass, David DeLao, David Denney, Dave Bodenbender, E.A. Castillo, Carlton Caudle, Brady Box, Mark Nutter, Jessica Irvine Drake, Selase Botchway, Charles Seafous, Wally Welch, Ashley Ella Park, Michael Truesdale, Walt Roberts, Robert Kraft, Beau Smith, Bill Mellor, Chris Contreras, Scott Lawson,
Director Mark Lambert Bristol,
Writer Julie B. Denny,
Genre Drama, Comedy,